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FAQ's & Terms.

FAQ's & Terms / Conditions for commissioning a shoot with
All projects or services that are contracted to produce or provide for you will be subject to the following:

The quotes (day rates, fees and associated costs and line items) sent to you are our best estimates given our extensive professional experience, and the information provided by you at the enquiry stage. The more detailed the brief, the more accurate your quote will be. If additional information is forthcoming, the specifications change, or the scheduled content changes, the quote may change. Quotes are valid for 30 days from date they are provided.

Project revisions, alterations and modifications.
New work requested by you, and provided by us, after a project quote has been approved is considered a revision, alteration or modification and will be charged on a time and materials basis. Prior to acceptance of any commission, all briefs are subject to consultation with Additional image requests on shoot days will be accommodated only if time allows and at our discretion. If the shot schedule does not allow for extra content requests, you will be given the option of increasing the shoot duration by way of overtime (an additional hourly rate for all photography team members).

Image correction, adjustments, change requests, errors and omissions.
Post-shoot, the raw files are processed in Photoshop and Lightroom and fine tuning is applied to overall colour and tonality. A great deal of time and effort is put into this process to ensure that the high resolution files (TIFF, JPEG or PSD) are of an extremely high standard. Electronic proofs are provided to you within 72 hours of the shoot for sign off and approval and you must carefully review all images. We are not liable for image corrections, adjustments, errors or omissions once a project proof sheet has been signed off. If further work is required after the sign-off stage, a post production fee will be charged to cover this time.

Payment terms.
All shoots over the value of $2000 ex GST are subject to a 50% deposit payment of the total quote amount to secure the shoot date. The final payment of 50% is due on delivery of high resolution shoot proofs. Any revisions, alterations and modifications that add work to the project scope and deviate from the original agreed quote will be invoiced separately and in addition to.

Copyright & usage.
All photography end use is discussed and agreed to prior to a shoot taking place as these vary from client to client, and from territory to territory. Standard usage terms is Australia and New Zealand use for an agreed time period (12 months, 24 months etc) across all major platforms. Unless a prior arrangement for a complete image buyout has been agreed upon in writing, retains copyright and all moral rights to each image produced and retains ownership of all original raw files and processed files supplied, including digitally altered compositions.

Our use of final & finished imagery.
We shall retain the right to any finished and final imagery in our promotional and marketing activities, including participation in photographic competitions, use in photographic publications and electronic, printed or other portfolio use.

What type of photography do you specialise in?

We specialise in Architecture Photography  |  Abstract Art Photography  |  Commercial Photography  |  Residential Photography  |  Education Photography  |  Interior Photography  |  360˚ | VR Tours for hospitality, construction, entertainment industries, corporate, local business and government.

We are committed to you, your brand and your story - to develop marketing content that allows you to connect to your target audience. What we provide can vary from one client to another, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

How does 360˚ photography and 360˚  VR tours benefit my business?

We’ve worked with many businesses in the hospitality, construction, entertainment industries, corporate, local business and government industries to create immersive experiences that help educate, entertain and captivate audiences the world over.

For a business in the hotel, resort and accommodation space a 360˚ | VR tour will allow guests to preview rooms from your website or directory portal to increasing your local SEO by adding a 360˚ tour to your Google business listing page.

To helping a real estate agent in the commercial and residential industry virtually showcase their listings to potential buyers and investors from interstate or overseas - as they can't be at every listing.

To helping architects, builders and developers win more proposals by allowing their prospects to explore their previous projects in 360˚ viewing and seeing interactive content throughout the tour showcasing their points of difference.

To designing a custom 360˚ experience for an art gallery that not only allows to promote their exhibition to anywhere in the world but also having a permanent virtual capsule of the space to empower the artists.

It all starts with a conversation to see what content makes sense for your brand and target audience. Our 360˚ virtual tours help clients increase sales, enhance online exposure, boots social media engagement and strengthen their brand.

What is a 360˚ virtual tour?

A 360˚ virtual tour allow users to remotely view an environment in 360°. Captured using a sequence of still images. Once stitched together they create an unbroken 360° image. These images can be viewed on a number of platforms.

Who are 360˚ virtual tours great for?

Virtual tours are a great way to present your business to the world. People are embracing virtual reality and many businesses, big and small, are capitalising on this emerging technology. is recognised as a Google Trusted Agency, and Googling a business is one of the of the first things people want to see when searching for businesses on online - so it make a great first impression take your customs on a virtual tour.

360˚ tours are great for Schools, Universities, Childcare Centres, Aged Care Facilities, Restaurants, Breweries, Pubs, Clubs, Retail Centres, Product Showrooms Real Estate, Travel, & Tourism, Hotels, Resorts, Office Spaces, Play centres, Function Venues, Sporting Venues, Entertainment Venues, Museums, Wedding Venues, Gym / Fitness Centres and Car Dealerships.

Why should I have a chat with about 360˚ tours?

Quality matters and it matters most when it’s your outward-facing marketing material showing off your assets and telling your stories. This is not a medium you want to ‘go cheap’ or ‘just get some 360 shots’ or ‘have a basic tour’, as I’ve heard often. and if you are, then you’re missing the point entirely.

Embarking on the creation of a virtual tour is almost exactly like creating a website – it sets a tone for your digital marketing, gives you a platform for adding communication and marketing content for customer journeys, and tells your story, one could say, even more than a website. What cost would you put on such an investment?

This is why we spend so much time making our tours look different from each other, adding design elements and technology into each that suit your needs so that the experience of the customer is a unique one, a technologically advanced one and one that says wow.

What's your process like for 360˚ tour productions?

Our Process Tried Tested And Always Improving

The process for creating our virtual tours is roughly the same for each but then again, every project can be different in its intended use and hence how we might approach it. Each is tailored to what you need but no matter what, we ensure the highest quality, premium product.  We do more, we care more and for that, you will get the best.

1. Capture & Edit
Identifying the tour’s use from a marketing and communications standpoint so we know what media we need to capture. With our help, the client identifies what spaces we need to capture in 360 which results in a room list.  We provide advice, documents to share to stakeholders for preparation, staging, about being 360ML ‘tidy’, as well as risk assessments and our plan for the photography shoot day(s).

When it comes to editing, we do more than your average photographer – a lot more.  We do HDR and stitch the images to create the equirectangular shots but we also colour correct and Photoshop edit just about anything, as much as the client desires – sky replacements, grass replacements, removing objects from the shot when possible etc. These special touches are what separate us from others. We can also supply virtual staging. We do all the hard work and pay special attention to the details and edits required to perfect the images.

2. Build & Design
Similar to a website build, a design kickoff and briefing stage always start a project, which leads to an iteration or two of design ‘look and feel’ and then a build process of coding and user behaviour management with attention paid to UX and UI which results in a Preview Stage of the tour for the client.As every tour is bespoke built, we are taking special care to set the ‘start view’ in every room, linking spaces together to create a journey through the school and looking at the tour as a user, rather than as the builder.The design of each tour will be on-brand to your business, using your colours for all the elements such as icons, arrows, close x’s photo albums, video players.

3. Embed & Amend
With the base layer of photography and linked rooms in place and agreed, we then take the client’s content and embed that content into the relevant rooms and menus to create a journey, things to experience along the way as a user explores the space. Having content that is engaging is the key to this stage and we offer guidance on what and how much is needed and we do think more is more. Most projects will allow for at least one content hotspot per room, and many projects will have more. We feel it’s what we put in the rooms that hold the most value so we encourage adding all types of content – from images and video to narration from pupils to diegetic sounds and 3D model embeds. Rounds of amends are offered for the process to be collaborative and so the client is 100% happy with the finished product.

4. Test & Launch
Ensuring responsive design and compatibility on all devices and browsers for best UI. The tour needs to be accessible on all devices, and all browsers and how the icons and 360 images behave in each can be different so it’s important that we test how an icon look and where it sits on a mobile phone vs on a desktop.  Looking for anomalies in overlapping icons, invisible buttons or 360s that don’t work properly with the gyroscope is an integral part of this process. We also prepare our tours for a VR mode tour as a separate link to be viewed in a VR headset for clients to use.

Do I own the copyright of photographs I have commissioned to have taken?

No, retains all copyrights expressed and implied otherwise. I grant a license in which the client may use the photos for any marketing purpose they wish provided they do not violate the copyright by selling, leasing or gifting the photos to third parties.  When dealing with a company directly, the license is granted to the entity that paid for the photos, for example if a builder paid the invoice, the builder is the license holder. If an architecture firm or marketing agency has paid, then the license is granted to their client (the brand). In some cases, a full buyout of copyright is available and is negotiated on a per-image basis. The license is a single user license and once it expires, arrangements must be made to extend the license. Failure to do this will result in seeking payment for the usage fee concerned either directly or by legal means. Images may not be used by third parties without the written consent of the photographer and a usage fee payment per-image.

For full information regarding licensing and usage please contact directly.

Can I use the photos on my website, social media or on other marketing material?

Yes.  The license does allow you to use the photos to advertise you or your services in addition to marketing your product and/or services.

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